The Bald & Beautiful:How To Maintain A Girly Bald Look

The Bald & Beautiful: How To Maintain A Girly Bald Look

Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about going bald. It wasn’t easy, It’s the same thing as saying “That girl looks funny because her hair is long! If your personal style isn’t girly, don’t change it just because you’re bald.

Being bald means thinking about hair (or scalp) care in a whole new,follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to keep that head flake-free.Realizing your hair’s going can be worrying. Yet if you can look good bald, not only is it a lot less stressful  you may even enjoy it.

Here’s how you can best maintain your bald or close cropped look. Rock your cuteheadbands and big earrings and bold lipstick.




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While shortcuts by women transitioning from relaxed hair to natural are still the most popular, there are women going through a “transformation” who want to see how they look bald. Some might credit actress Sanaa Lathan’s recent chop for the movie ‘Nappily Ever After’ with spiking the meter. One look at the comments on her instagram posts and you’ll see women who weren’t necessarily thinking about going bald before giving it some thought. And though going bald is beautiful, with anything else, there’s key information you should know before going all in.

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Know You Are Beautiful
Be comfortable with the skin that you’re in. If you feel comfortable enough cutting it, (know) it grows back. Some women are concerned with looking too masculine but there are so many ways you can cut it.

Keep It Simple
Dealing with short hair, you don’t want to do too much–argan oil spray just to keep the sheen and keep the moisture inside the head. On a low cut that is not bald, you can use the same products but just keep it natural–alcohol-free products that don’t cause flakes on the scalp. I suggest a T-Gel (Shampoo). Tea tree is also very good for the skin.

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Beware of Razor Bumps 
A lot of barbers get accustomed to cutting one person after another without cleaning clippers each time so the blades get dirty and dull. To help alleviate the problem, when you get in the chair, ask the barber to clean the clippers in front of you. Also, women’s hairline is further down than men’s, so make sure the barber doesn’t raise the hairline at the back of the neck too high. Doing so can definitely cause razor bumps.

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You Are What You Eat

Some women don’t know that diet can cause dandruff and dry scalp. Our diet shows up on our skin and scalp. Healthy living and eating is the best thing for everything.

Get the Perfect Brush

In between cuts, you now have length so you want to get a brush to get it the texture you want and get it to lay down. I recommend the Diane brush…It depends on your texture–there are Diane brushes with two sides on each side and you can determine which is best for your hair.

Learn to Let Go

“You have to be comfortable with the shape of your head once the hair comes off. It’s very scary at first, but the ease of maintenance is what excites women at the end.